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The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of offices that work together to promote student learning, growth, and success, in and out of the classroom. When you meet someone who works in university advising, student leadership and engagement, the residence halls, the fitness center, student counseling, the career center一本道最新高清无码, or any other office in Student Affairs, you will find a professional staff member whose primary aim is to help you develop, refine and meet your goals at Hofstra.

We have assembled many resources to create an active and engaging campus and a safe living and learning environment. The members of Student Affairs will be your guides as you explore your opportunities at Hofstra and prepare for your future. We are excited to help you with that journey.

Be sure to check out the Division of Student Affairs Values, Mission, and Vision and how we are organized in the DSA.

Hofstra University’s Division of Student Affairs is honored to be one of 18 divisions nationally on the 2017 list of  “” — produced by the at The Ohio State University, , and . This is the division's second consecutive year being named to this prestigious list.

W. Houston Dougharty
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Vice President for Student Affairs!

Our Hofstra Division of Student Affairs creates a nurturing, student-centered environment, focused on helping you succeed, connect to the Hofstra community, and prepare for life after college. Through 16 different departments within the Division of Student Affairs, we offer resources, support, challenge, services, and opportunities for you to actively engage in the campus community while you develop Hofstra PRIDE... | more |

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